What are Happies?

You receive Happies as a bonus when you make a purchase with a buyhappy customer account. How many Happies you get after a purchase depends on the respective purchase value.

Is there another way I can receive Happies?

Happy Days

On certain promotion days, there are more Happies on select and designated products than on regular days. Keep an eye out for our:

  • Happies Product Promotions
  • Happy Weeks Promotions

What is different about the Happies Loyalty Program compared to other Loyalty Programs?

The collected number of Happies of all customers additionally benefits charitable and sustainable projects or organizations. Each of your collected Happies makes people twice as happy!

These Projects / Organizations are Supported

Why do Happies make You happy?

With Happies you can not only make yourself happy by redeeming the collected Happies for a gift voucher on our marketplace, you can also give away the gift voucher of your collected Happies and make others happy. When you redeem your balance, you have the option to send the gift voucher code to someone else via a link. 

But you also have the option to donate your collected points. The Happies will then go to our selected charitable projects that make people happy.  

To summarize:

  • Redeem a gift voucher of Happies collected for yourself 
  • Give a gift voucher of Happies collected to a friend
  • Donate the value of Happies collected to a charitable project 

And now, have fun collecting Happies!

Don´t worry, buyhappy!