Dear Prospective Affiliate Partner, 

buyhappy would like to provide you with the concept of an optimal sales platform, which offers the opportunity to sustainably shape our environment and enable a positive change towards sustainable, ecological shopping.  

All services in our marketplace must meet our sustainability criteria:

1.            Free from Animal Experiments  

2.            Zero Waste  

3.            Careful use of Natural Resources 

4.            Fair Products & Services 

5.            Climate-neutral


With a purchase at buyhappy marketplace not only money is exchanged for goods, but also innovative startups, sustainable companies as well as sustainable concepts are supported. With every purchase we also protect our environment and ensure fair wages in the producing countries. 


Benefits for all Customers

  • We offer a sustainable alternative for every conventional product
  • We offer many new inspirations for a green lifestyle
  • High transparency through sustainability criteria
  • Weekly newsletter with current offers, trends and inspirations
  • Personal customer support
  • Discount for newsletter registration 


You'd like to cooperate with buyhappy and become one of our affiliate partners? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our buyhappy team at